Publication Date: 
Friday, March 13, 2020

Buliisa district was curved out of Masindi district in July 2006. 

The District is located in the Bunyoro Sub Region - Mid-western part of Uganda with its headquarters 320km from Kampala;

It borders Nebbi and Nwoya districts in the North, Masindi in the East, Hoima in the South and Democratic Republic of Congo in the west.

Buliisa District covers an area of 3200 sq.kms comprised of open water and land.

It is surrounded by Lake Albert, Albert Nile, game reserves/park and Budongo forest, its vital to note that the bigger part of the land area of the district is within the Murchison falls national park, Bugungu game reserve and Budongoforest

  • -Land under forest = 320 sq.  kms
  • -Land under water =1312sq kms
  • -Land under UWA = 832sq kms
  • -Land under human settlement and grazing = 736sq kms


Administrative structure

 Buliisa District has six sub counties  one town council, 30 parishes and 125 villages.

Staffing levels


The district staffing level stands at 62.8% With total number of 722 staff,198 staff from health, and 421 primary teachers

Population statistics

Buliisa District has a total population of 115,506 persons, 21,704 households, from recent census enumeration of 2014.  59,185 Male population, 56,321 Female population with sex ratio of 103/100 females.

Children under five years = 23,332  ( 20%)
Youth Population 18yrs-30 yrs. = 24141 (21%)
Voting population 18yrs > = 48,859  (42%)
Elderly population 60yrs+ = 5,313
 growth rate = 4.8%
 Male = 51.3%


Female = 48.7%

 Buliisa District has a fully constituted District Council Headed by the District Chair Person and the political wing and the Chief Administrative Officer heading the Technical wing. All statutory bodies as mandated by law are fully operational.