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Buliisa District Health Sector is headed by Dr Afeti Alex, the District Health Officer.


The District Health Educator Buliisa District Mr Mugabe Robert who is also the Epidemic Focal Person is heading the Social Mobilization and Advoocacy sub committee.



Buliisa District Works and Technical Services sector is the Key sector that is concerned with all infrastructure development projects in the District.

The sector also is made up of sections which play specific roles of service delivery.

The Sector is headed by the District Enginner Wakame Maurice




Buliisa District Local Government Production and Marketing sector is headed by the District Production Officer Mr Kaahwa Robert.

Mr Kaahwa Robert, DPO Buliisa District

The sector consists of other sections of service delivery whic include Veterinary Public Health services, which section is Headed by Dr Mubiru Rashid.

The Fisheries section is Headed by Mr Ngongaha Phillip as DFO,


Welcome to the Visual side of Buliisa District.

Alot has been done in the District especially in the FY 2014/2015 ranging from Hard ware projects to soft ware activities.

Please, take a look at the various projects and activities carried out in the District in the various departments that are mandated to implement Council resolutions.

Do enjoy to look at the Human Resource capacity in the District with the corresponding activities and out puts.

Once again, dear reader, you are welcome to this site.